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Totally amazing, one of the greatest music I have ever heard next to Moby, ATB, Yanni and Enya -- Mystic Mike

Infectious!.. -- Judge Jules BBC Radio1

Fans of Trans-Siberian Orchestra LOVE UltraMax!

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UltraMax 7CD+DVD Special

9 Hours of Techno and Melodic Trance!

$79.60 $28.95 SAVE 64% Order Today! Sale ends 1/21/2019


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For Fans of Trans-Siberian Orchestra Fans and DJ Tiesto's Adagio for Strings

10 Reasons to Buy UltraMax 7CD+DVD Special

UltraMax 7CD+DVD Special1. You've never heard anything like this before and YOU LOVE IT!
2. It makes you want to dance to Vivaldi, daydream to Beethoven
3. It sounds great in your car stereo, makes long trips seem short
4. It sounds even better in your home theatre system in 5.1 surround sound
5. It helps you relax, focus on work, studies
6. It makes a great gift, especially for Trans-Siberian Orchestra fans
7. You can share it with your friends, give them a copy!
8. Only elite support the arts: you make the new music possible
9. It is affordable only $3.62/CD or 27 cents/song
10. And you've got the money.


What kind of music would Mozart write if he lived today? Would Bach play his chorals in clubs or in churches? Can Vivaldi's Four Seasons be mixed with Beethoven? Discover the answer, experience Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Ravel - your favorite classics remixed to a techno groove! Inspired by Paul van Dyk and Mozart UltraMax combines the power of beat with purity of violins and cellos creating dance music that is very driving yet intelligent and melodic: "A perfect soundtrack for cruising the Solar system via one's mind..." (TulsaWorld).

Dance to Symphony in Trance!

UltraMax's newest album, Symphony in Trance, will make your body move and let you forget your worries. Party like there is no tomorrow and enjoy your life dancing to the catchy beat and groovy synthesizer lines spiced up with the mesmerizing voices of Penn State's most talented singers.

Dance to Vivaldi, groove to Bach, daydream to Beethoven

Never thought that you could dance to Vivaldi? Listen to Vivaldica, Shadows of the Night and you will not remain still. Then daydream to Beethoven vs. Vivaldi followed by techno interpretation of  "Moonlight" Sonata. For cutting edge underground experience immerse yourself in Overdose where infectious techno groove tested by DJ Judge Jules on BBC Radio 1 is blended with organic bliss of J.S. Bach's Choral Prelude in F Minor (BWV 639). Express your love with "I'm Attracted to You", a totally addictive combination of haunting vocals with heart touching theme from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, Dance of the Knights.

Driving is fun with CD changer full of UltraMax Music

Fill up your CD changer with 9 Hours of Techno & Melodic Trance! With your car audio blasting the deep base mix of UltraMax's techno version of St. Louis Blues a long drive is but a short one. UltraMax music provides a deeply enjoyable experience, especially for fans of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Tiesto (think "Adagio for Strings").

Violins vs. synthesizers: in 5.1 surround sound!

Imagine the silence, only the instruments are glistening in the darkness. Then the sweetest sound of violins and cellos swells into the full orchestra and rushing power of beat pumping adrenaline through the veins and endorphins through the brain: Beethoven vs. Vivaldi! Violins vs. Synthesizers! The Fusion of Classical and Techno Music captured in crisp 5.1 surround sound. Stereo is so yesterday... Experience techno interpretations of your favorite classics - Bach, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Ravel, and Vivaldi - performed live by UltraMax and Penn State Innovation Orchestra, captured on 2-hour DVD complete with informative interviews and hilarious bloopers. Put your home theatre to work, immerse yourself in music!

Relaxing sounds that help you focus

UltraMax tracks are known to make excellent background both for relaxation and for work. Let Tolkien-inspired Arwen's Song (trance with opera, sung in Elvish by Russian operetta star Eugenia Zamchalova) keep you focused on your work or studies. Then take a break and let your mind wander to soothing sounds of harp and Shadows of the Night, a rework of Vivaldi's masterpiece Winter from the Four Seasons.

Make a gift for someone you love

Music makes a perfect gift: indulge yourself or surprise your loved one (I'm Attracted to You says it all) with UltraMax 7CD+DVD Special! Popular among Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) fans UltraMax 7CD+DVD Special set makes an equally good gift both for teenagers and mature adults.

Share it with your friends, give them a copy

Everyone loves sharing music yet major labels will sue you if you dare. But we are not one of them and if you want to share our music - feel free! Give it to your friends, make them a copy, torrent it - it is yours for unlimited enjoyment. We only ask that you properly name the ripped MP3 files by including the artist's name (UltraMax), the album title, and the website link (ultramax-music.com).

You make the new music possible

Your support makes new music possible and opens doors for great new experimentation. When you buy our music we earn the money that we spend on new music software, hardware and fees to musicians that we record. You support an entire ecosystem that would not exist otherwise. You make the new music possible, without you we will not exist. So thank you for your continuing patronage.

SAVE 64% with 8 CDs for the price of 2

While major labels charge $20 per CD for those hard to get European imports, you now have a unique opportunity to own 7CDs+DVD for only $28.95 + shipping. We are proud to offer this unbeatable value. There is no middle man between you and me, so we pass the savings onto you. And of course, all my music comes with money-back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your purchase, no questions asked. With 3,398 CD specials sold over the past 7 years and only 23 refunds you are joining a growing crowd of happy UltraMax fans.

Order Today! Buy Now $79.60 $28.95  Offer Expires 1/21/2019

Do not let this wonderful deal to expire. We run specials regularly but the price usually goes up due to increasing demand and rising manufacturing costs. And we do run out of stock occasionally, which takes weeks to replenish. So order today and we will also include UltraMax 6-Album MP3 CD absolutely FREE to make the ripping of CDs easy - simply copy the contents of this CD to your iPod or any other MP3 player.

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